" People will try to put you in a box. Coding will help you break out."

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About me

My name is Sofia and I'm from Portugal.

Someone once said "She's very enthusiastic and eager to test everything tech-related. Loves to get every front-end platform working automagically. She programmed her own Pebble and comes from the beautiful region of Alentejo."

Oh and yes. My story is a little "out of the box". I have a Masters Degree. I'm a medical doctor in pediatrics.

Actually, being a medical doctor prepared me for programming: organization, team-work, fast-learning, multi-tasking and looong hours of work when needed.

I'm truly happy, and my thirst to learn more and different things does not cease.

Why my nickname Stamina? Well, during my 6 years of college, I (also) spent my time playing WoW. Actually, as a guild master. And my username was off course Stamina. So... yes. I was never a typical medical doctor.

    //React <3

    const Sofia = React.createClass({
      getInitialState() {
        return {
          heart: true,
          brain: true,
          medicine: false,
          somethingMore: []

      componentDidMount() {
          medicine: true

      addPassion(passion) {
        const { somethingMore } = this.state;
          somethingMore: [

      render() {

Skills and Work flow

html5sasstwitter bootstrap

HTML5 API, CSS3, and transpilers. Frameworks like Bootstrap.


Vanilla JavaScript, libraries and MV* frameworks. Mocha and Chai.

npmgrunt and gulpversion control with git

npm, gulp, Grunt and Webpack. Scaffolding with Yeoman. Git.

Frontend Application Developer

Now working with: React.js and Node.js


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