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Common mistakes you can avoid with ESlint


On a today’s real world JavaScript web app, the complexity tends to grow, refactors will be needed, and although you probably know what you are doing, linting your code can save you a lot of headaches.

25 Jun 2016 #reactjs #javascript

React Ecosystem - A summary


Things move fast. It's web development! Here are some useful links and a summary of the so called React Ecosystem.

15 Feb 2016 #reactjs #javascript #frontend

Understanding React.js


There are many good tutorials out there. This one was written based on them as an introduction of React to my team.

14 Feb 2016 #reactjs #javascript #frontend

Install React Native Android on Ubuntu

React Native

Install React Native Android on Ubuntu - This can be challenging. Here is a step by step guide.

13 Feb 2016 #reactnative #ubuntu #android